Children Parties during Lock down!

So our two have their birthday in April. These are some of the ideas that I have for their birthday party, the first over web camera. I’m sharing these here in the hope that they might be helpful to you too!

We’re using a Puppet Theme, but the below may work with other themes- be creative!
We’re using two camera’s focusing on the one place/dining table. We’ll email the invitations as made by the children.


  • Tickle bingo (email cards with the invites, and then ‘house’ gets tickled by the parent/carer in that household)
  • Make A Sock Puppet/Stick Puppet. Either we post the bits to people, or they bring some to the screen, and then we countdown and see what you can make in the time.
  • Musical Puppets- everyone has a puppet on screen, the puppet that’s not still when the music stops has to stay out. The prize is a Crown to print and stick
  • Guess the Disney/Kids song. Plays in the background.  Teams by families to shout the answer.
  • Shopping List game “You Wouldn’t believe what I saw at the shops today…” (Memorising the list- the more ridiculous, the greater the fun!)
  • Then have Birthday Cake via BYOC (Bring Your Own Cake) party – everyone tucks in at the same time. This means we still can have cake and sing. By Proxy, anyway…
  • Puppet dancing competition to finish!. 

We haven’t started planning in earnest yet- but hopefully these help others. Also it gives me an excuse to Prime Order another Puppet, and take up this Jeff Dunham course on ‘How to be a Ventriloquist’!

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