Children Parties during Lock down!

So our two have their birthday in April. These are some of the ideas that I have for their birthday party, the first over web camera. I'm sharing these here in the hope that they might be helpful to you too!We're using a Puppet Theme, but the below may work with other themes- be creative!... Continue Reading →

To the Bishops of the Church of England: Please, please stop this……stop this ambiguity.

This encapsulates all of my frustrations at the moment, most eloquently.

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Dear Bishops of the Church of England,

I have what many would consider an ‘old-fashioned’ attitude to Episcopal authority. I have the highest of regards for my own two Bishops, Bishop Peter and Bishop Ruth. If they instructed me to do something I would enact their instructions, unless I felt it were dangerous, or would cause harm, or flies in the face of expert advice. In such cases I would discuss it with them, argue with them and in all likelihood ignore their instructions, but this would be a rare and painful act for me.

You do not need me to remind you that we face an unprecented threat to human life never seen in our lifetimes. We are all living through this with anxiety, fear, confusion, bewilderment and with a profound sense of our own mortality which frankly is on a knife edge as this invisible monster ravages its…

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COVID-19, Stretched Schools, and Ubuntu

R&R's school are asking parents who can, to keep children at home. Because they have staff that can't come in because of the risk COVID-19 presents to them. This late-night text and email have so much behind them. The distraught people, torn between their family, and their vocation. The vulnerable individuals, survivors of their own... Continue Reading →

Making a Spiritual Communion

St Chrysostom's Church News and Views

Churches are temporarily closing in some parts of the world as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. In South Korea and Hong Kong, for example, most churches have felt it wise not to have Sunday worship at present.

It is good to be prepared for times when we are prevented from being at Holy Mass, and Christians would not wish to feel isolated from their Christian community’s worship or indeed cut off from Holy Communion. A friend has sent me this guide to making a Spiritual Communion (with grateful thanks to this website). This encourages us by prayer and imagination to make our Communion as if we were in Church – a Spiritual Communion. (See this earlier post on our church blog).

Do read the guide carefully. It may well be a source of comfort and strength if you are not able to be present at Mass.


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Coronavirus: minimising risk at Church

St Chrysostom's Church News and Views

Coronavirus wyntd

The number of people diagnosed with the Coronavirus is increasing every day. We all have an obligation, ‘for the common good,’ to do what we can to stop it spreading. Working together to slow down the spread of the virus is a step towards its eradication, and helps give time to those involved in medical research to seek a cure.

We are introducing some simple and sensible steps at church which will help us feel  comfortable in worship, and also help us to take our part in doing what we can as a community of people gathering together to lower risk.

From Sunday (8th March) communion at Mass at St Chrysostom’s will be administered in the form of the Body of Christ (the consecrated bread) only. We ask that if at all possible those receiving do so on their hands and not on the tongue. The Church has always taught…

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Prayer in the Dark Seasons

This was part of a Series on 'Prayer' that I contributed to at St Giles church, Oxford. Easter Dawn at St Michael's Church, New Marston Jesus wept. The Gospels confirm this. Jesus wept, at the the news of Lazarus.  Even though he knew of Lazarus’ death before the news got to him. Even though he... Continue Reading →

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